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Links & More about Freemasonry

This page ist still under construction.
For some first information, please, scroll down....

Here we will gather links to websites that might be of some interest for you.

First and foremost, please, visit us on Facebook.

For more information about Female Freemasonry, please, visit the website of the Female Grand Lodge of Germany
and especially the page of our working group on the website of the Female Grand Lodge of Germany:
New Horizons

Please visit our sister lodges that are supporting us:

In Potsdam: Märkisches Mosaik

In Bielefeld: Symbola

In the next weeks you will find a couple of links here: links to some of our supporting sister lodges of the FGLD as well as links to several websites of freemasons and for freemasons. Give us some time... we are still gathering what could be interesting for you.