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The Freemason Ritual

There is no freemason lodge without a freemason ritual.

Rituals are the heart of the freemasonry work.So, it is not surprising that all freemasons in the world spend a lot of time working on rituals - in two ways: using rituals and developing them. Although the main points of all masonic ritual are comparable worldwide, there are differences in a lot of details that have grown historically and have to be looked at against a social and historical background.

Since the ritual itself is an instrument in freemasonry to support, recall and express freemasonry thoughts and attitudes, it has to be considered well, deliberately and carefully.

Most current Efforts:

Recently, our group is working on a translation of the Grand Lodge rituals - hoping that the first one will be ready for use, soon.

We are working on our ritual with concentration...

... and fun!

Translating all the well-known and significant sentences from our German ritual into English is a great experience: the experience of understanding what is conveyed through language. Rituals are essential in freemasonry - but they do not end in itself. Working with rituals is just an additional way, an additional approach to the ideas and ideals of freemasonry.